The long wait is finally over! No more contests or anything else in between you and your very own Vampire Step-Dad T-Shirt.

Imagine all the phone numbers you’ll get sporting this stylish tee featuring my handsome mug! Just don’t be surprised when they request you wear the t-shirt on the first date. Maybe even the second. But, you know what, if they ask you to wear on the third, I think that may be a sign you should call things. You deserve better than that. You want someone that’s into YOU, not just your t-shirt.

But, you know, make sure you send them in my direction during the break up speech.

Where was I?

Oh yeah! Shirts! I took a mirror selfie so you could see how awesome the shirt looks on a grade-A (step)dad-bod.

So the awesome folks over at Square Wave are producing some very fine wares, and one of them just so happens to feature your favorite nocturnal surrogate parent. There are currently only 5 in existence. 3 for the shirt contest winners (all of whom have reported back as being very happy with the quality of the shirt) and one for me, and one for my wife. She actually got the first shirt. I didn’t even get mine til last week. She kept sleeping in it, like it was just some old shirt. No respect, that woman.

You guys, there is no hope of me staying on topic for this, so I’m just going to drop the link and tell you to go have fun.


In other news:
The new EP is officially announced! “Love Bites” will be released Friday, February 10th, just in time for whatever romantic weekend plans you have for Valentines Day. Whether it be a romantic beach get-away, or a frozen pizza with the cats watching a pirated movie, I just want Love Bites to be your soundtrack.

Check out this neato teaser video I made for it:

Love Bites will be available digitally, and on a limited edition, hand-signed cassette. The cassette will also feature A Night In The Life Of…, my last EP, on side B. So you’re really getting 2 releases for the price of one cassette. Who says the ol’ step-dad doesn’t take care of you?

Alright, now, you gotta promise me something. If you buy a t-shirt, you are OBLIGATED to send me a pic of yourself wearing it. If you don’t want them made public, that’s fine, let me know and I won’t post it anywhere. Put please, I would love to have a picture of your face smiling back at me up on my wall while I make new tunes. You are an inspiration, and I’d love to have you there while I write.

Alright, enough of that gushy stuff. Go get dressed for school..

Keep being awesome,

Vampire Step-Dad