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Come join the party!

Hey kiddo! I want to try something new for NIGHT:SHIFT, and I think you’ll enjoy it! This Thursday at 7pm (seriously, I’m going to beat this dead horse forever) I’ll be doing a NIGHT:SHIFT listening party on Twitter. And I want YOU there! How does a Twitter listening party work? Well, I’ll tell you! At 7pm (My...

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The NIGHT:SHIFT has begun

Hey kiddo! The wait is over! You can get NIGHT:SHIFT right now on Cassette, CD, and Digital Download RIGHT HERE. Check out NIGHT:SHIFT’s Thursday at 7 entry to get a sense of the story behind the music: If you’re hesitant to buy anything physical because of shipping costs, just know that shipping is just $4 WORLD...

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How the sausage is made

Hey kiddo! We’re just 6 days from the release of NIGHT:SHIFT! This is probably my favorite part of releasing music. it’s a flurry of activity while I finalize things, upload files, and package up all the preorders. Speaking of preorders, They are shipping out on Monday! I spent THREE HOURS last night getting all these...

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