Vampire Step-Dad Update:
Oh boy. I am officially in crunch mode. I have all 6 songs for the new EP almost completely finished. I need to get a recording session booked for my friend to do some saxophone, but other than that, the music is finished.

But I’ve also got to get some voice acting recorded for Thursday at 7 Part 2. Yep, that’s right, the next EP will open with another installment. I think you’ll like it. Unless you hated the last one, then you’ll likely hate this one too.

I spent this week trying to learn how to make silicone molds and photography, so I could shoot the album cover. Let’s just say it didn’t work out. 4 days of work lost, but I learned some neat things about alginate and how it doesn’t hold paint very well…


Big news in the physical merch world!
This EP will will be my first physical release, cause I’m putting out cassettes! I’ll be making just 40, with the new EP on Side A, and my last EP, A Night In The Life Of… on Side B. They’ll be $10. So for $10 you get two EPs worth of music, and a sweet collectable cassette. Oh, and I’ll be signing every single one, so you can brag to your grandma about that.


ALSO, Starting January 10th, I have SHIRTS! I’ve partnered with Square Wave Clothing to manufacture and ship totally awesome VSD shirts.

I’m trying to get together some pretty media to make the EP announcement something special, so sorry I’ve not given you the release details yet. But I assure you, it will be within the next two months.

Maybe this little teaser video of one of the songs off the new EP will tide you over until there’s more news.

Alright! Stay tuned!