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Continuing our series of the stories behind Love Bites, today, we cover track 2.

The First Date
[stream it here]

I’ll probably say this again before this series is over, but this is one of my favorite tracks on Love Bites. Funny, cause it came from such humble beginnings…

The opening arp pattern and bassline were written at my work desk, on my tiny little Korg Nanokey controller. I keep it in my laptop bag for emergency music writing sessions. It’s terrible for trying to actually play lead lines and whatnot, but it gets the job done when nothing else it’s available.

But before the music is the wind chimes. This idea actually came from the very END of the song. During the long chord at the end, the delay (echo effect) on one of my synths was giving off a weird, almost clangy sound. It kind sounded like distance church bells. I really liked it, so I wanted to accentuate it. Turned out the best way was with some wind chimes. I really liked the organic sound of them up against the synthetic…synths… so much so that I threw them up front, too. Nice way to start and end the track. As I grew to love this song more and more, the story line of it started to build in my head.

The chimes up front are like the butterflies in your stomach, when you first see that special person. Then the song itself builds to the climax…it made me think of, well, a first date. Butterflies at first site, then they catch you staring, oh no! But they smile back! Then the flirtation begins. You ask, they accept. Before you know it you’re holding hands, exchanging smiles, laughs…and at the end of a wonderful night, looking over the city as the sun sets…¬†the first kiss.


See you guys later for track 3, The Skating Rink.

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