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Continuing our series of the stories behind Love Bites, today, we cover track 3.

The Skating Rink
[stream it here]

Every relationship needs to stand the test of a night at a skating rink. The excitement of careening around a rink on top of a slick surface at high speed, coupled with the anxiety of grave personal injury…there’s no better way to figure out if someone is right for you.

The Skating Rink is easily the poppiest song I’ve ever written. It’s so saccharin I was a little bit embarrassed by it, but I liked the melody so much I couldn’t let it go. I’ll be honest, part of me was a little afraid I’d lose some cred amongst those more inclined to the dark side of the wave, but then again, this whole EP is pretty easy on the ears, so I probably lost the choosier folks anyway.

This track really came from me wanting to make a song like “The Neverending Story” theme. Something about those joyful arps on top of lush pads…it gets me every time. I think the end product turned out pretty dissimilar, but that’s OK, cause I like it!

The opening piano part was me testing out my new piano skills. I decided to spend some of the A Night In The Life Of… money on some online piano lessons, and this was my first attempt at really playing a double-handed part on anything I’ve put out. I really liked how it started out the otherwise upbeat song with an earnest, heartfelt feeling. So you know this isn’t just a party, this is something much more.

I think my favorite part of this song is the bridge. It just has a really sentimental feeling to it. When all time stops around you, and you’re locked on each other’s eyes, and there’s no place in the universe you’d rather be. That’s a good feeling, a rare feeling, and it should be prized. And then the party bursts back in and we’re enjoying life.

And then, of course, a guitar solo.

may have an MO…

SIDENOTE: After the astounding success of the cassette release of Love Bites, I’ve decided to make some more. The second edition will be available soon. ALSO, I’ll be making CDs for Love Bites, so if you’re not down with the hipster train like some of us nerds, and you just want to hear Love Bites on a medium that you actually use, well, this will be your chance. More details on that soon.

You keep being awesome, kiddo.
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