A Night In The Life Of…, the brand new EP from Vampire Step-Dad, is now available for purchase! Click the artwork above to get it right now!

7 tracks, 6 brand new songs of nostalgia drenched music. An amazing guitar solo from Perfect Science. Awesome artwork by Sean Cusson of Computronic. Perfect mastering by The G. This album has been a wonderful experience in working with others in the scene and solidified my belief that the artists and fans within the synthwave scene are the best in the world, and you’re part of that.

To the 12 of you that preordered, I thank you profusely. You kept me fueled as I spent way too much time on social media trying to promote this EP. THANK YOU!

In the following days I’ll have videos posted from great YouTube channels like RetroSynthWaveTV, and 80’s Emperor, so be sure to subscribe to those channels and keep your eyes out! I’m also working on a live action music video right now, so don’t forget to subscribe to my very own YouTube channel for that.

Completely Unrelated!

If you’ve not yet gotten Sweater Weather, it’s available right now, along with NINE other SYnthwave albums, for as little as $2 at The Groupees Synthwave Bundle 5. Pay as much as you want for 10 synth albums. with the option to designate 20% to charity. Kick ass music and philanthropy at the same time! If you HAVE gotten Sweater Weather, you can still get 9 other albums for $2.

Again, thank you all for being who you are. Your support has made this past 2 years incredibly exciting. I’m looking forward to bringing you more music! (I’ve actually got 2 more EPs in the works as we speak…)

Keep being awesome!