Man, is it that time again already? It seems like it was just 78 days ago that I put out new music. Well, I’m hope you’re sick of Sweater Weather, ’cause it’s time for some new music!

Make sure you have something awesome planned for Friday, September 16th, cause you’re gonna have some brand new Vampire Step-Dad music to make for a kick-ass soundtrack to it!

That’s right, I’ve got 6 more new songs just for you and anyone else willing to pay me $3. It’s a VERY exclusive club. You should feel honored.

But seriously, I can’t begin to tell you how awesome things have been since the release of Sweater Weather. The majority of you paid over the asking price. And while it’s wonderful that warms my heart and tells me how amazing the synthwave scene is, it also makes real world differences in what I can do for this upcoming EP. Because of YOU, I’m able to cover the costs of mastering, and I’m able to pay for actually cool album art. That’s because of YOU.

Speaking of album art, let’s have a look, shall we?

Look at that! It’s gorgeous! And what a title! “A Night In The Life Of…” So witty! Get it? Cause vampires don’t like daylight! Who knew you’d be getting music AND comedy! What a deal! Exclamation Point!

OK, enough of all that silliness. You guys are awesome, and as a little mailing list exclusive, I’ll give you the track listing. Cause that’s the best I’ve got as far as exclusive go. Yeah, underwhelming, I know. Here we go!

A Night In The Life Of…

  1. Thursday Nights at 7
  2. The Dawn of Man
  3. Invitation
  4. Day Dreams
  5. On The Run … Again
  6. You Must Feed
  7. High Stakes

Thrilling, isn’t it!

I know some of you won’t be able to keep your wallet in your pants, and you’ll just HAVE to buy A Night In The Life Of… as soon as you possibly can. First, thank you. I commend your lack of self-control. Second, you can preorder it now, right here. There’s no previews up yet, but over the coming weeks I’ll be dropping previews and exclusive streams all over the internet. I WON’T be sending those via this mailing list, because I don’t want to bug you too much, so be sure to follow me on your favorite social media thingamajigs so you don’t miss out. (Links Below)

Again, thank you guys. You are what drives me to finish and release my music. You are awesome.

Keep being awesome.