Hey kiddo!

We’re just 6 days from the release of NIGHT:SHIFT! This is probably my favorite part of releasing music. it’s a flurry of activity while I finalize things, upload files, and package up all the preorders.

Speaking of preorders, They are shipping out on Monday!

I spent THREE HOURS last night getting all these things packed up, labeled, and ready to go. It’s a lot of work, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I absolutely ADORE seeing familiar names, and unfamiliar cities around the world. It’s so edifying to package each one of these up myself. I’m sure it’s just another package for you, but I find it deeply personal. So much of our interactions these days is digital, but these things feel like a distant handshake. And trust me, if we met, I’d be giving you a VERY enthusiastic handshake. (Because you support me in my dreams and I love you for it, in case that point has been missed previously¬†)

I spent this Saturday morning being super nerdy and organizing all the remaining merch, making it easier to fill orders as they come in. Check out this monument to nerdiness:

I look at my label maker the way a 13 year old boy looks at a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. I REGRET NOTHING!

Just so YOU know, if you want to maybe get your cassette or CD before November 9th,¬†ORDER NOW, and any order placed by Sunday night will be shipped out Monday. Anything after will be shipped after release. (This is called “false scarcity” and it’s a shameless marketing tactic.)

This Monday, the 6th, I will be putting out the final NIGHT:SHIFT Promo video which, rumor has it, may or may not contain what is commonly the first track on a Vampire Step-Dad release. But that’s just a rumor. The source may not be reliable.

OK, I’m babbling, high off the adrenaline given to me by using my label maker. I shouldn’t subject you to any more of this. YOU enjoy your weekend.

Keep being awesome,
Vlad, your Vampire Step-Dad