Vampire Step-Dad Update:
Hello again everyone! Issue #2! That makes this kinda official, right? Well, once is easy, twice is showing promise, but maybe I can’t say I’ve actually got this until the third one.

So last issue I had some decent news to reveal to you, so following that up is somewhat of a challenge.

I’m focusing fully on getting the last two songs together for what I’m temporarily calling the “Love EP”. I’ve got voice actors lined up for the next installment of “Thursday at 7”. Oh yeah, I only hinted at that in the last one. OK, so there’s a decent reveal, right? The next EP will have another “commercial” like A Night In The Life Of… did. Surprise!

I’ve started looking into live streaming my writing sessions. I tried out Periscope for the first one, but I’ll likely use Facebook from now on. If you’re interested in seeing me work on a solo for one of the songs on the Love EP, check it out right here: (The audio sync is off, so it’s kinda lame. Sorry. One of the reasons I’ll be going to Facebook.) So if you’re into seeing how the sausage is made, keep your eye out for that kind of stuff! (Next time I’ll clean my desk first, I promise. And I got a real tripod now, so that won’t be so awful either.)

I think that’s enough for now, I’ll get out of your way so you can hear so new music!