Hmm…not sure about that subject line.

I noticed my subjects were getting kind of click-baity, and I wanted to avoid that. But I think I went too far the other way. What do you think? Well, I guess if you’re reading this it either wasn’t too far, or you’re just a rebel that likes to live dangerously.

Either way, I like you.

Oh man, what a week! So I launched the Loves Bites preorder early Monday morning, and I woke up to the nightmare scenario where everyone was paying double shipping costs, because I’d set up my store incorrectly.

You starting to notice how these stories are generally about much I screw things up? Maybe I need to stop showing my hand…Oh well, too late now.

SO, I messed up my store, and people were paying twice the shipping cost. FIRST, uh, THANK YOU for being so generous as to ignore exorbitant shipping costs in order to get your hands on a VSD Cassette. You guys are awesome (You will be refunded). I made some changes to drop the prices back down, and everything was cool until I started doing some shipping estimates on and I realized I was now charging too LITTLE. Sigh. Anyway, I’ve got it figured out at this point (I think), but boy was that stressful.

I’m still waiting to get the cassettes, but the second I do, I’ll be getting some photos taken of them, cause they are going to look SO COOL. I don’t know how I’m going to top it…I make have peaked too soon. You guys should probably just give up on me now.

Along with the cassette I want to get some photos of the Sweater Koozies. Those things are going to be neat-o.

Monday I’m going to launch a little promo video that I shot yesterday. It’s just a little playthrough of a solo from Love Bites, but of course it’s got that special VSD flair you’ve come to know and love. Here’s a little behind the scenes look:

I took thrift store IKEA lamp and covered it in tin foil to make it more like a spotlight, and then I stuff it with green tissue paper to act as a sort of color gel. I wanted blue, but green is all I had, so green it was. Add in some moody candles, and we’ve got ourselves a seance! I mean, a playthrough video! Keep your eyes out for that one!

And yes, that is a Skylanders poster. I share my “studio” with my sons’ playroom. Such is the life.

While I was in the shower this morning (TMI?) I had the stupid idea to try and get myself on the Carpenter Brut show that’s coming through Atlanta on March 15th. This is especially stupid because I’ve not ever played any of my music live yet. But hey, why not make my very first show be probably the largest show I’ll ever play?

I noticed a couple scene buddies (Night Stalker and Electric Dragon) had been asked to play when CB came through THEIR town, and as far as I know I’m the only synthwave artists in Atlanta (crazy to think, but Bandcamp tells me so) so why not give it a go?

Now, my history is in metal and punk, so I don’t take playing a show lightly. I consider the stage a kind of sacred place, and if there’s people standing in front of you, they deserve to see you put it all out up there. So, knowing this, I can’t just put a laptop on stage and do my dad dancing behind it, so I’m enlisting a rummer friend of mine to play drums, and I will double duty on keyboards and guitar. It’s going to be quite an adventure. That is, if they even let me do it. We’ll see! (Fingers crossed)

So we’ve got just 14 days until Love Bites comes out! I’m super excited to get this stuff out into your ears. If you’re interested in a cassette, you may want to grab one soon, cause they are limited to just 40. Sweaters quadrupally so. (Only 10 of those)

There’s a lot going on in VSD land! I’m excited! Are you excited? I hope so!

Tell me kiddo, with Love Bites coming out on February 10th, how do you plan on spending your Valentines Weekend rocking out? Let me know!

Keep being awesome,
Vlad, your Vampire Step-Dad