Hey Kiddo,

Things are HECTIC here at VSD HQ. SO much to prepare for, and so much to tell you!

#1 – Thursday the 28th of July, at 8pm EST (That’s tomorrow if you open this when I send it) I will be on BEYOND SYNTH! –> http://mixlr.com/power85

For those of you that don’t know, Beyond Synth is synth focused podcast hosted by Andy Last. You may know him from podcast, Beyond Synth.

One of the first things I did when I discovered synthwave was try to find more of it, and Beyond Synth was a great resource for that. And as a fledgling producer, getting to hear interviews from other producers was integral into figuring out how to get started. So ever since I first started I’ve had the goal of getting an interview on Beyond Synth. Lo and behold, here we are. Once again, this wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for your tremendous support. Your kind words have been motivation for me to keep going through the tough times, and your financial support has given me the tools I need to make more music and bring it to the stage. For that I can not thank you enough.

If you want to keep helping me out, a retweet of any Beyond Synth related tweets tomorrow would be a huge help. If you’re on Facebook, liking and commenting on any posts you see about it would also be a huge help.

But really, most importantly, you should join us in the Mixlr chatroom during the show. While the show plays, Andy and other listeners (and myself) will be in the chat talking about whatever pleases us. It’s a lot of fun, and I’d love to have you there while you listen along with the rest of us. You can ask questions, make bad jokes, or just hang out!

#2 – Friday is my 479th birthday. I know, I’m almost to 480…that’s gonna be a rough one. I’m startin’ to feel those year in my bones, I’ll tell ya! But why am I telling YOU this? Well, because every year, on my birthday, I have a sale! All my digital music will be %50. Also, the original Vampire Step-Dad  will be ONLY $20 athttp://squarewaveclothing.com/vampire-step-dad 

You can use the code “happy479th” at my websitebandcamp, and Square Wave Clothingto get those sale prices. This is Friday the 28th only!

If you’ve been holding off on grabbing some of my music, this is the perfect chance for you to get it. OK, enough hard selling. ON TO MORE STUFF!

#3 – Square Wave has a new VSD Shirt, called Nightglo, and it’s awesome:

Preorders are available now, for just $22. I have one of these, and they look fantastic. Pretty sure you could wear this on a night run and have no worries of getting hit by a car. I’m talking with Atlanta DOT about maybe having these shirts for all their road construction workers. So much more fashionable than those yellow vests….

#4 – ANOTHER SHOW! Hooray! But oh man, this is not just another show, this is a FESTIVAL and it will be EPIC. This email is getting long, so I won’t go into more detail, but you can find them here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1953835244837399/

Alright kiddo, that’s it for now. I know this was a novel, but holy crap, there’s so much going on…and even more on the horizon!

Keep being awesome!