Alright kiddo, let’s get it all out there.

Yesterday the Heart o’ Failure sold in 34 minutes. For a lot of you, it was gone before you even got to see the email letting you know it existed. Knowing this, I’ve decided to put everything out on the table BEFORE the preorder opens up tomorrow, so if you really want one of the physical items, you can camp out on the release time and grab it before someone else does. I hope that’s fair. It’s as fair as I can make it, anyway. I will send out an email tomorrow morning at 8am EST (That’s 1PM GMT) with a link to the preorder. Mark your calendars and set your alarms.

SO! Here’s what’s up for preorder tomorrow. Everything will release/ship on February 10th.

1. $10 – Hand numbered and signed cassette tapes. Only 30 available.

Side A will have the new Love Bites EP on it.
Side B will have A Night In The Life Of… on it.
It will include a download code for Bandcamp of Love Bites.

2. $18 Cassette with Dad Sweater Koozie. Only 10 Available

Same deal as #1, but with an adorable little dad sweater wrapped around your cassette. Keep your cassette warm when it’s not in use. Dress up your dolls as VSD. Hang it on your christmas tree like an ornament. WOuld this have made more sense to do with Sweater Weather? Yep. Did I have the idea back then? Nope. I blame Stilz. He came up with the idea, but he decided to not share it until NOW. Jerk. (#synthbeef)

3. Love Bites – Digital Download 
[No Picture] A digital download (WAV and mp3 available) of Love Bites. 6 Brand new songs. You will also receive a Bandcamp code, so you can grab it from them and add it to your collection if you so wish.

A few notes about this release:

In the past I sold everything through Bandcamp. After a month or so, I would then put my music up on the major streaming services. I do this to try to encourage people to actually PURCHASE my music, so that I can keep making things like vampire hearts, sweaters, and even the cassettes themselves. I appreciate any support you can offer, even if that’s just a friendly tweet, but for those of you that only use streaming services, as an example, I made only $14.67 off of ALL streaming services for the entirety of 2016. I’m not going to turn this into a whine-fest, I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but I just wanted to let you know what that looks like for an artist like myself.

For this release, I’m trying to focus entirely on my website for sales. Bandcamp takes a 15% cut, and while I think Bandcamp is a great service, and I will keep using it, I’d like to try and see what I can do with 15% more support coming from you guys. I’ve got some big ideas, and I want to be able to pull them off, and every little bit counts.

So that’s why you’ll see that the preorder will be going through my website, instead of Bandcamp. I hope you understand. If you have any reservations, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I would LOVE to hear from you. This is ultimately FOR you, so if there’s a good reason why you don’t like this, I’d love to know it.

Finally, this is my first foray into physical media. I didn’t expect it, but shipping is kinda of a nightmare. I promise you I will try to price my shipping as fairly as possible. For those of you outside the US, if the shipping costs seem high, I promise you I will refund any significant difference through paypal. I’m learning as I go here, and I hope you guys understand that.

I’m really excited about this release. It marks several new ventures for me, and I look forward to getting a chance to further foster your trust in me. Plus, you know, cool music.

Thanks for reading this novel of an email. I swear, I am NOT good at being concise. Here’s hoping you like to read as much as you like my music :/

Keep being awesome,
Vlad, your Vampire Step-Dad