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Win an exclusive Vampire Step-Dad T-Shirt!

Short and Sweet: Donate $1 or more HERE = a chance to win a VSD t-shirt. Winner announced December 19.

Long and Sour:

I am teaming up with the crew at Square Wave Clothing to make some totally sweet VSD t-shirts. But before anyone else has their chance to get one, we’re giving one away to one lucky person. (Or possibly two people conjoined in one body. Sorry, conjoined triplets are not allowed.) Could that person(s) be you? Maybe. Let’s see!

How do I enter to get a chance to win a shirt that I can rub in my friends’ faces? Well, that, my friend, is the best part! A lot of these things kinds of contest require you to follow a Twitter account, or share a Facebook post, or give away your email address. But not this one! No sir, we’re gonna be savin’ babies! Yeehaw!

OK, here’s the lowdown. I have a little place in my heart for Haiti. Yes, the small island nation in the Caribbean. (It’s just past Cuba. If you hit Puerto Rico, you’ve gone too far.) Why? I don’t know, this feisty little nation (first black republic in the world!) has had the rug pulled out from under it so many times. But the one time I got a chance to go there, the people had such an amazing drive, a hope, it was pretty astounding considering all they’ve faced.

Anyway, there’s this organization, The Haitian Timoun Foundation. HTF is a group that works alongside HAITIAN based organizations, helping them to scale and remain sustainable. It’s like a mutual fund, if you’re trying to invest in Haiti’s future. Or a startup incubator for Haitian-led organizations focusing on leadership, education and poverty eradication. It’s not about swooping in and saving Haiti. It’s about giving Haiti a chance to fix itself from within.

So, What’s my point? It’s this: If you donate a dollar or more to HTF, you’ll be entered to win the t-shirt. Yeah, that big wall of text, and I could have just said that sentence. Sorry.

Now, don’t feel cheap if you can only do $1. I’d rather have 100 $1 donations than one $99 donation. I’m not depending on your hearts to break for Haiti on this, I’m depending on your desire for a VSD t-shirt. So don’t worry about “the implications” or any of that fluff. I want you to get a cool shirt, so join in. The winner announcement will not include your donation amount.

OK, cool? Make sense? Still excited? I hope so. Here’s the extremely short version for those who hate reading:

Donate $1 or more HERE = a chance to win a VSD t-shirt.